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Meet Sam's team in Masisi

The MSF team I worked with in Masisi were amazing. The local staff helped me enormously and I was inspired by the generosity, compassion and commitment with which they treated our patients.  –Sam Perkins, 29, midwife, Democratic Republic of Congo

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International and local staff working side by side

We may not have had cutting edge equipment, but we had what mattered most - a great team.

As in most MSF projects, local staff (in this case Congolese) outnumber our international staff by about ten to one. Without them, we would be lost, because they bring something that no amount of international staff can - local knowledge.

Most people know about MSF doctors, surgeons, nurses etc, but many don't realise that projects rely hugely on drivers, finance people, human resources staff, guards... the list goes on and on!


"Part of my motivation for joining MSF was to share the skills I have"

A large proportion of my job in Congo was capacity building and training for local staff. As an international member of staff my time on any given project will always be temporary, so it is important to me to leave as much knowledge and skills with Congolese staff as possible.

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Congolese doctors working with Sam


nurse/midwives working in the maternity department


drivers bringing in emergency cases in the MSF ambulances


cleaners providing round the clock coverage to keep the department clean


delivery room in the hospital


delivery beds in the delivery room

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